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Art & Crafts

'A historically enriched Canvas of unique cultural charm'

Art and Crafts of Odisha

Once known as Utkala, which means the land of excellence in art, Odisha is a treasure trove of exquisite handicraft and traditional art forms, a rich legacy of an ancient culture. Evolved slowly and gradually through disciplined efforts of generations, Odishan Hanicrafts have retained their seasoned traditional values along with the freshness and charm of their own. Beauty and utility combine in them. Dedicated labour of the artisans scattered all over the state has made Odisha a fabulous market of souvenirs and mementoes. Varieties are many—stone work, silver filigree, wood craft, appliqué work, brass and bell metal work, dhokra castings, horn work, pata paintings, papier mache, terracotta, tie & dye textile in cotton,tassar and silk and a lot more. Stemming from centuries of excusite craftsmanship, they are a colourful testimony to the integral life force of the people.

Legends lace Odisha. Temples dot her landscape. On her street Gods walk among men. Famous for the beauty and craftsmanship of Konark, Jagannath, Lingaraj and innumerable other temples, Odisha offers a striking selection of decorative and utilitarian arts and crafts. Visual manifestions of a millennium of Odishan Culture, these arts and crafts embody and reflect a tradition which still lives in the creative imagination and skill of her craftsmen.

A collecter’s delight

Look at any handicraft of Odisha. The appliqué works of Pipili or Pattachitras and Papier Mache masks of Puri; silver filigree jewellery and golden grass mats of Cuttack or ‘Kataki’ and Ikkat saree of Cuttack and Sambalpur or Dhokra and clay toys of Mayurbhanj and Barapali and Lacquer work of Nawangapur or Horn work of Parlakhemundi or the flexible brass fish of Ganjam. Each handicraft exudes a charm and originality of its own and pristine beauty that remained untouched by time. The beauty and charm of Orissi handicraft mirrors a heritage in its past and present flowing into eternity.