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Chandipur Beach

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  Chandipur Beach
Backed up by musical sway of casuarinas trees and creeper over the sand dunes, Chandipur is a beach, with a unique distinction on its own. Unlike other beaches, the sea water here recedes away from the shore line about five km twice a day, an unusual phenomenon, rarely found anywhere. You can see the sea literally vanishing before your eyes and also watch it coming back rhythmically at regular intervals, as if playing hide and seek.

Elsewhere, the waves come and go dashing on the shore like madcap but here they are like a musical fountain, soothing to the eyes and ears. Elsewhere, the waters wait for the visitors but here the visitors have to wait for the waters. Elsewhere, the waves go wild and the visitors calm but here the ecstasy of visitors will go wild while the waves remain calm.

This marvel of Nature gives the bathers an unexpected pleasure of fearlessly walking into the sea and happily playing with the waves. When the waters disappear, you can even take jeep ride on the widest beach. The beauty of the exposed bosom of the beach is further enhanced by the small red crabs. If a beach comber, you will be delighted with its abundant wealth of sea shells and drift wood.

To enjoy Chandipur in its entire entirety, a minimum stay of twenty-four hours is recommended.

Hardly 2 km away is Balaramgadi where the river Budhabalang meets the sea. A trip through the mouth of the meandering river on a fisherman's boat is a pleasant experience. Watching them cast their nets and pull their catch of fish is memorable.

Best time to visit Chandipur Beach -
Round the year.