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Fact File

17o.49’ & 22o.34’ North Latitude and 81o.29’ & 87o.29’ East Longitude
Located on the eastern coast of India
Bordering West Bengal & Jharkhand in the north, Chhatisgarh in the west, Andhra Pradesh in the south and the Bay of Bengal in the east.

Odisha Map

1,55,707 sq.kms (4.74% of India’s land mass)
Odisha is divided into 5 major areas
The Coastal Plains
The River Valleys
The Rolling Uplands
The Plateaus
The Hills & Mountains
The Coastal Plains
Northern Coast comprising the Subarnarekha and Budhabalanga plains
Middle Coast comprising deltas of the Salandi, Baitarani, Brahmani and Mahanadi
Southern Coast comprising the Rusikulya plains.
Over 480 kms of coastline dotted with some virgin beaches like Chandipur, Konark, Puri, Gopalpur, etc.