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Temples & Monuments




The Great Tradition

Endowed by nature's bounty, vast stretches of clean and virgin beaches, serpentine rivers, breath taking  + more



Parasuramesvara Temple

Parsuramesvara is a small (about 12.80 m.high) but lavishly decorated temple, the best-preserved . + more



Vaital Temple

Vaital temple, enclosed within an irregular compound wall by the side of another temple known as + more


Mukteswara Temple

The elegant Mukteswara Temple (c. AD 950) is often referred to as the "gem of Odishan architecture". + more

Rajarani Temple

The graceful Rajarani Temple, dating back to the eleventh century, is set in a large landscapped garden. + more

Lingaraja Temple

The Lingaraja Temple (11 century), which soars above the city of Bhubaneswar and dominates the landscape . + more

Jagannath Temple

The Temple of Lord Jagannath ('Lord of the Universe') at Puri is one of the most sacred pilgrimage spots in India. + more

Sun Temple

The magnificent Sun Temple at Konark, a grand tribute to Sun God, also known as the Black Pagoda.+ more

Other Centers of Odisha 

There are many other places in Odisha where one finds beautiful specimens of Hindu temple art.+ more


Like architecture, the sculptural art of Odisha has its own specialty and peculiarity + more