10 best places to visit in Bihar

1.Bodh gaya,situated in Gaya district also considered as one of the most important buddist pilgrimage site.

2.Patna the capital city of Bihar well known for its visit sites and among them is Sri HarminderJi Patna Sahib the pilgrimage center of Sikh community.

3.Nalanda another city of Bihar famous for its UNESCO world heritage sita Nalanda Mahavihara

4.Vaishali the district of Bihar is the birthplace of Lord Mahavira of jain religion.

5.Madhubani is famous its mithila culture and also for its mithila paintaing which is done using natural colors.

6.Muzaffarpur the city of Bihar is famous for its lychee fruit and identified as lychee city.

7.Rajgir famous for its seven water spring or Saptkund the sacred place for Hindu religion.

8.Pawanpuri is the district of and the place place is well known for holy sites of Jain community.

9.Sitamarhi the holy city of Bihar is also the birthplace of Sita,Lord Rama's consort.

10.Sasaram the city of Bihar is place where the tomb of afghan ruler Shershah Suri is built another world heritage site.

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