10 famous festival of Uttarakhand

1.Ghughutiya is  celebrated in the kumaon region and in the gharwal region it is known as Gholdiya festival.

2.Basant Panchmi depicts the grand welcome of the season of spring.Chounphula and Jhumelia dances are also performed on the occasion of Basant Panchami in the regions.

3.Bhitauli & Harela is the occasion in which women belong to Kumaon region load the basket with soil and plant seeds of seven categories of grains.

4.Makar Sakrantii is the festival in which people make sweetmeats out of wheat flour that is deep fried in ghee and shaped like drums, pomegranates, knives, swords etc.

5.Uttrayani Festival is held at a number of places in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand including Bageshwar, Ranibagh, and Hanseswari, though the biggest fair has historically been that of Bageshwar.

6.Phool Die Festival is an auspicious folk festival which welcomes the spring season in the state.

7.Kandali Festival coincides with the blooming of the Kandali plant, which flowers once every twelve years.

8.Bissu Festival organized by yhe Jaunsari tribe organises Bissu Mela in the Chakrata Block of Dehradun.

9.Kanwar Yatra is also called Jal Yatra as in this practice the bearer known as ‘Kanwariyas’ or Kanvadias in the region of Haridwar.

10.Egaas Festival also known as budh diwali is celebrated across many regions in Uttarakhand.

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