Top 6 Web Series of 2023 you must watch

6.The Night Manager

Former Indian Navy Lieutenant Shantanu "Shaan" Sengupta, is currently working as a night manager in a premiere star hotel in Dhaka, amidst the Rohingya genocide in 2017.

             5.Asur 2

Asur Season 2 chronicles the rise of the dark side and continues the high-octane chase as the CBI is racing against time to gather evidence and hunt down the serial killer

          4.Rana Naidu

Rana Naidu, who makes a living by fixing the messes left behind by his famous clients. He is known as the "fixer of the stars".


In Mandawa, a small village in the state of Rajasthan, Sub-Inspector Anjali Bhaati (Sonakshi Sinha) comes across a case in which twenty-seven women across the state have disappeared without a trace, yet the locals seem unfazed.


Farzi is about Sunny, an artist disillusioned by the income inequality in India after failing to keep his grandfather's extensive printing press in business.

     1.Guns & Gulaabs

The story is set in Gulaabganj, a fictional town where government-licensed opium is grown. The vast majority of opium flow is controlled by two rival gangs, led by Ganchi and Nabeed

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