7th Pay Commission: Breaking news for central employees! The government can make a big increase in TA after DA…

7th pay commission news today: Apart from dearness allowance, the biggest announcement can also be regarding Travel Allowance (TA). Now all that is waiting is for the approval of an increase in dearness allowance. The Union Cabinet can approve it in the month of March.

7th pay commission: For the central staff, the upcoming month will be particularly memorable. They will reap overall advantages. The dearness allowance will undoubtedly rise. A four percent increase has occurred in this. Employees’ dearness allowance will amount to 50%. However, the first half of the year will see a lot of significant changes for those working for the central government. In light of the Lok Sabha elections, there are a lot of expectations.

The largest announcement may also concern Travel Allowance (TA), in addition to Dearness Allowance. All that’s left to do is wait for the dearness allowance rise to be approved. In March, the Union Cabinet has the option to approve it. There will be an increase in other allowances following this.

When will there be an increase in Dearness Allowance (DA)?

7th pay commission: First of all there has to be an increase in the dearness allowance of central employees. It will get approval from the government in March 2024. AICPI index numbers from July to December 2023 have confirmed that central employees will get 50 percent dearness allowance. There has been a jump of 4 percent in dearness allowance. The current DA rate is 46 percent.

There will also be a rise in Travel Allowance (TA)

7th pay commission: The employees’ travel allowance will be the most crucial factor. There can also be a spike in Travel Allowance (TA) following DA. The rise in DA might be considerably bigger if the wage pay band and travel allowance are combined. The various pay bands are connected to the travel allowance. Grades 1 through 2 receive travel allowances of Rs. 1800 and Rs. 1900 in higher TPTA cities. All grades receive Rs 3600 + DA. In contrast, the charge for other locations is Rs 1800 + DA.

7th Pay Commission 2024: Shocking news for central employees, new update from Central government on pay commission!

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There will be Revision in HRA also

7th pay commission: There has also been a significant shift in the employees’ House Rent Allowance (HRA). This will also be revised in light of the March DA hike. In fact, the regulations state that it will be changed if the dearness allowance surpasses 50%. HRA is currently provided at a rate of 27, 24, and 18%. It is separated into city categories Z, Y, and X. HRA will rise to 30, 27, and 21 percent if the dearness allowance is set at 50%.

3 gifts confirmed for central employees

7th pay commission: In March 2024, three gifts for central staff will be verified. The dearness allowance will rise first, the travel allowance will rise second, and the HRA will be revised third. It’s anticipated that their new prices would be set by Holi 2024. The government typically releases the dearness allowance for the month of March beginning in January.

In this case, dearness allowance will only be granted in March 2024. A three percent revision is guaranteed for the maximum HRA category. Because there will be a fifty percent dearness allowance. In accordance with the grade, there will be a travel allowance rise at the same time.

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