EPFO New Rule 2024: Aadhaar Card no longer valid for DOB proof, Get More Details Here!

EPFO New Rule 2024: Since the Aadhar card was taken off the list of crucial documents for date of birth verification, EPFO will no longer recognise it as proof of date of birth. The authority disseminates the material via EPFO circular 2024.

Therefore, in order to back your evidence of date of birth with an Aadhar card, you should access the EPFO circular that has been uploaded specifically for Aadhar card users. This will enable you to take part in future EPFO activities.

EPFO New Rule 2024

The most recent circular issued by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on January 16, 2024, states that Aadhar cards would not be accepted for date of birth verification from EPFO members who consistently participate in the provident fund plan. In India, the Aadhar card is a widely recognised and significant document that may be used for a variety of purposes.

The majority of services only accept Aadhar cards. However, some organisations are also utilising Aadhar cards as verification of date of birth. However, an Aadhar card is meant to serve as identification of an individual in India, not as a means of proving one’s date of birth.

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Aadhaar Card is Not Valid for DOB Proof

In compliance with UIDAI standards, EPFO has issued this circular, keeping an eye on Aadhar card-related activity. For agencies and authorities using Aadhar cards as a birth of evidence, the authority announced a directive in 2023. The Aadhar card is a unique identification document that identifies a person in India under the Aadhar Act of 2016, according to a UIDAI circular. However, as the act does not include Aadhar as a date of birth, the Aadhar card cannot be used to verify an individual’s age.

As a result of UIDAI’s identification of the Aadhar card’s continued use as a birth certificate for age verification, the agency issued a directive in 2023 instructing corporations and agencies to stop using Aadhar as proof of date of birth. As a result, EPFO has finally complied with these orders and is no longer accepting Aadhar cards as proof of date of birth. 

Correction of Date of Birth in EPFO New Circular 2024

The 12-digit Aadhar card is a person’s unique identification number in India. It contains several pieces of personal data, including address, portrait, demographic, and biometric data like fingerprint and iris scans. This is a significant document that is connected to numerous programmes and organisations that recommend PAN cards, including banks, businesses, educational institutions, and corporations.

Thus, authorities can use a 12-digit unique Aadhar card number to confirm a person’s identity. However, in accordance with the Aadhar Act of 2016, it is not the proof of date of birth. Therefore, in order to further verify their age, EPFO members who wish to modify their birthdate must present another document. In addition to the Aadhar Card paperwork, you should bring other documentation to the department if you are requesting for age verification. 

Proof of date of birth in EPFO

As previously indicated, the EPFO no longer accepts the Aadhar card as proof of date of birth. Therefore, in order to update or confirm your date of birth, you must bring one of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate: Issued by the district magistrate office’s Registrar of Births and Dates, the birth certificate is a child’s first official record.
  • 10th class certificate: You can also bring a 10th class mark sheet and certificate for date of birth verification if you are a passable student.
  • A school leaving certificate is also regarded as proof of date of birth, which is significant for individuals who drop out of school before completing their tenth year.

In addition, you can bring documents including your date of birth from your service place, PAN card, and other sources outside your Aadhar card. Having numerous documents will help you improve your chances of having your date of birth verified at EPFO.

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