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Satakosia (Tikarapara) Sanctuary

  Satkosia George Sanctuary (Tikarapada)
A small village in the bosom of nature, Tikarpada is strategically situated by the side of "Satakosia Gorge". The meandering Mahanadi flowing closeby amidst bountiful hills, forms here the mightiest gorge of India, twenty-two km long. It is acclaimed as one of the World's most enchanting spot. The place is ideal for boating, angling and adventure. The forests and hills around the village have varieties of fauna to fascinate the visitors. A Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary, setup here, has enhanced the importance of the place. A research and conservation unit was established at Tikarpada(close to the Satkosia gorge) for rearing of gharials. So far 38 species of mammals, 128 species of birds, 27 species of reptiles, 4 species of amphibians and 183 species of fish have been recorded in the sanctuary.
Best season : Winter