Who is the real Bigg Boss: what is the story behind it ?

Who is the real Bigg Boss: You definitely did not know that Bigg Boss has featured a voice artist well-known as Atul Kapoor, who has dubbed many Hindi-language Hollywood big-budget films since the reality show’s beginning in 2006. The contestants miss the mysterious character and his advice after the show. Without his voice, Bigg Boss surely would be a different show. Here is a list of a few more surprising house secrets that will surprise you.

Who is the real Bigg Boss: As we discuss in the reality show “Bigg Boss,” those who participated with criminal records quickly come to mind. But it appears that transforming into a “Bigg Boss” contender can be difficult for criminals as well. For opponents with a criminal record, one of the most important guidelines of the house is to disclose any charges including criminal records that involve their last name.

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What are the annual charges of Bigg Boss?

Our sources say that the artist Atul Kapoor earns an annual paycheck of Rs 50 lakh per season. Considering that he only on occasion provides his voice and does not need to face the camera, this is a very trustworthy quantity. Bigg Boss’s voice has been given by Atul since the beginning of the show in 2006.

Many restless nights had been inflicted on the housemates—among them in their final days well-known celebrities—by this man only. Although Bigg Boss has never been on the show, his dominating voice has influenced the lives of those living in the house from the beginning. It is surprising how effectively Atul speaks the language and how perfectly he speaks it.

Atul Kapoor has not only provided his voice in Bigg Boss but also given the voice of  Marvel character Jarvis in the Hindi versions of Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, and Avengers: Age of Ultron, beside Bigg Boss. In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Atul dubbed for Jared Harris, who played Professor James Moriarty.

First Look of Bigg Boss House

The house’s in front entrance opens to a garden area that has been magically transformed into a yard along with an adorned tree that looks out over a comfortable seating area. Above the pool is a giant eye that looks like a gyroscope and represents the sky and the show’s legacy. A fantastic sculpture of a horse with feathers and an archway like a coral reef adorn the doorway entrance from the outside area into the living room.

What actually happens in Bigg Boss

A number of contestants find themselves imprisoned within the Bigg Boss house during the event. The housemates are cut off from the outside world. Although they are required to complete all household tasks by themselves, they get elected every week and are eventually eliminated based on public voting. The participant who wins the most votes and has spent the longest time in the house will be declared the winner in the final week.

Who is the real Bigg Boss: ‘Bigg Boss,’ depends upon the vote bank a mysterious personality whose only voice is heard within the house, controls the remaining housemates. Since the show’s start in 2006, Bigg Boss has seen many changes. Hence, you definitely find it difficult to keep up with all the superstars on Bigg Boss.

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