Retirement Age Hike News 2024: Good News! The retirement age of employee-teachers will increase from 62 to 65 years !

Retirement Age Increase News 2024: The Union Ministry of Education has received a proposal from Punjab University to raise the retirement age of faculty members from 60 to 65 years old. The ministry has recommended that, rather than talking to the federal government, the vice-chancellor of Punjab University debate this Retirement Age Hike News 2024 plan with the state government of Punjab.

Given that Punjab University instructors’ working circumstances are comparable to those of other Punjab State government employees, the state government may choose to raise the retirement age for teachers to 65 years old.

Retirement Age Increase News

Retirement Age Increase According to a letter from the vice-chancellor (V-C) of Punjab University (PU) to the undersecretary of the ministry, PU’s proposal was carefully considered by the government. It is recommended that the institution reconsider their proposal in light of the Punjab government’s current rules.

This directive was prompted by the notion that PU’s service conditions ought to be comparable to those of government workers. The ministry highlights that PU must align its plan with the existing regulations that govern government employees in Punjab.

Retirement Age is 65 for PEC teachers 

The UT administration raised the retirement age for teachers to 65 years old in 2022 by introducing Central Service Rules for Punjab Engineering College (PEC) and its colleges. The Punjab University (PU) calendar, which outlines PU’s own regulations, sets the retirement age at 60. This distinction results from PU’s special status as an alliance between the state and the Centre.

AS Naura, the president of the Punjab University Teachers Association (PUTA), clarified that 65 is the recommended retirement age per federal regulations. Naura said that since PU gets a lot of money from the Centre, it ought to abide by the same regulation. PUTA intends to bring up this matter with the Punjabi and Central governments. In order to overcome the faculty shortfall and preserve the university’s high standards of instruction, Naura highlights the importance of keeping experienced instructors on staff past the age of 60.

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Vice Chancellor Renu Vig on the News 2024 

Issue Regarding Retirement Age Increase Renu Vig, the vice chancellor of Punjab University, has addressed the difficulties of raising the retirement age for educators. She underlined that Punjab University (PU) follows rules established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and functions as an autonomous entity.

The regulations committee is currently working on putting the syndicate’s decision to pursue an increase in the retirement age into effect. Vig indicated that the plan can be resubmitted if needed and expressed confidence that this is not a setback. 

The Punjab-Haryana High Court has decided to raise the retirement age for PU teachers !

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has been consulted regarding the case. Teachers’ applications were dismissed by the court in the first round. But the court granted a stay on the second set of petitions. This stay suggests that until the court completes its consideration of the issue, any decision or action pertaining to the retirement age modification is placed on hold.

It essentially maintains the status quo throughout this time of court deliberation by postponing any changes until the legal proceedings are concluded. The issue gains a legal component with the involvement of the judiciary, and the resolution hinges on the court’s decision in the subsequent petition round.

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