Top 6 Bold Web Series in Hindi that are not suitable for family viewing !

Bold Web Series: A huge number of web series with a lot of bold material are being published on OTT platforms these days. The public likes watching daring material, thus we’ll tell you about six daring web series accessible on OTT.

Bold Web Series

Bold Web Series: Babu Bhaiya, it’s the OTT age. Many films and web series may now be seen on digital platforms, but certain content cannot be watched with the family at all. Because she is beyond the age of 18. If you start viewing these online series around your family, even by accident, you will be embarrassed. Let us inform you about the Top 5 Bold Web Series that you should watch.

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Top 6 bold web series in Hindi


1. Mirzapur: Mirzapur is Amazon’s most popular series, and it’s causing quite a stir in the world of online series. Its popularity is widely known. It contains several graphic scenes that you should not watch with your family. The series has had two seasons so far, and the third season is set to be published very soon. Rasika Duggal’s Mirzapur scenes are incredibly damaging and daring.


2. Rasbhari: Swara Bhaskar plays the protagonist in Rasbhari, one of Amazon’s most daring web series. There are several dramatic sequences throughout the series. The plot revolves around Shanu Bansal, an English teacher who works in a tiny school in Meerut and whose sheer presence drives the students insane. At the same time, her audacity drives others insane, and debates about Miss Sanu’s audacity spread like wildfire throughout the country.

For More Shots Please

3. For More Shots Please: For More Shots Please is one of the most popular online series to date. This web series has had two seasons thus far. These online series may be found on Amazon. Also, do not, under any circumstances, watch this web series with your family. Otherwise, the pastime of viewing daring web series may bring humiliation.

Made in Heaven

4. Made in Heaven: The drama Made in Heaven centers on two wedding planners. In the guise of romance, daring sequences have been filmed. Sobhita Dhulipal has created these daring scenarios that will blow your head. In this series, there are many powerful characters that have been picked to make the entire series bold.


5. Charitraheen: Charitraheen is a daring series that can be viewed with the family at any time on MX Player. This series is filled of daring situations, and some of them push the boundaries of obscenity to their breaking point. This online series is well-known for its daring sequences and material. Make the mistake of watching this without earbuds.

Palang Tod Siskiyan

6. Palang Tod Siskiyan: The online serial ‘Bahu Aur Sasur’ by Palang Tod Siskiyan. Is about love. In terms of the cast, Noor Malbika plays the major part in the series, while actor Tarakesh Chauhan plays the ‘father-in-law’ in the opposite role. I’m taking up the role of.

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