National Pension System Calculation: Secure a monthly pension of Rs 100,000 by investing Rs 10,000 each month

National Pension System Calculation

National Pension System Calculation: When you have a job or a strong salary, you may live the lifestyle of your choice quite comfortably. However, numerous challenges might develop after retirement when your regular income is reduced or there is no source of income. As a result, it is critical to plan for retirement ahead of … Read more

7th Pay Commission: Central government employees are expected to receive an increase in their house rent allowance !

7th Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission: The recent increase in DA has resulted in substantial cash gains for Central government employees, just in time for the festival. Gratuity, Diwali bonuses, and DA arrears have all been deposited into their accounts. The good news doesn’t stop there, as staff will get a significant New Year’s gift in the shape … Read more

Gold Rate Today: Current gold prices are on the rise, with an upward trend observed !

Gold Rate Today

Gold Rate Today: When compared to other physical assets such as real estate, gold investments may be liquidated much more quickly. Gold investments, with the exception of sovereign gold bonds, have no lock-in period. The redemption amount for genuine gold will vary depending on the purity, market value, and other considerations. We can borrow money … Read more

Cash App Payment: Pending Meaning, shutting down, accept pending, app customer service, status, working on Android, customer app support !

Cash App Payment

Cash App Payment: If you have a pending Cash App payment, it signifies that the transaction has not yet been completed and the money has not been successfully sent to the beneficiary. Payment may be delayed on Cash App for a variety of reasons, including technical challenges, account verification issues, or security concerns. The receiver … Read more

Sahara Refund Status 2023: Check Release Date, Beneficiary List !

Sahara Refund Status

Sahara Refund Status: Investors whose money is stranded in Sahara India no longer need to worry since the government has created a refund site for Sahara investors, via which investors may get their money back. Thousands of investors have already applied on the Sahara refund portal Yes, its expiration date is also approaching. Sahara … Read more

LPG Rates: Major Shock! Modi Government Raises Commercial LPG Rates by Rs 101.50

LPG Rates

LPG Rates: The Modi administration has announced a huge hike in the price of commercial LPG cylinders. This decision has sparked considerable attention and debate in the commercial and economic sectors. This article will go into the specifics of the price increase, its consequences, and what it implies for various economic parties. Background of the … Read more

Dearness Allowance for November 2023 Expected DA for Bank Workmen 2023

Dearness allowance

Dearness Allowance: Bank employees get DA quarterly, with effective dates in February, May, August, and November of each year. It is based on the AICPIN (All India Consumer Price Index Numbers). According to recent modifications, the new total Bank DA Nov 2023 is 48.51%, which is calculated using bank workers’ basic salary. The Dearness Allowance … Read more