IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography 2023: Education, Husband, Caste, Age, Posting !

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: 2018 batch of IAS officers Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh embodies beauty and intelligence. She finished sixth overall and first in the women’s category in the IAS Examination at the very young age of 23. There were just 750 seats available for the 2018 IAS exam, which drew over eight lakh applications from around the country. Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh took first place out of about 182 female applicants who took the test. Her journey has been extraordinary, and she serves as an inspiration to people who wish to join the IAS, particularly women.

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: The IAS exam, also known as the Civil Services Examination, is one of the most demanding assessments in the world. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is in charge of it. Srushti quickly rose to prominence online after finishing fifth in AIR, and she became viral. Her scores were excellent, and her skills were fantastic, given that she was able to pass even the most challenging exam.

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IAS Srushti Deshmukh Biography

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh was born on March 28, 1995, in Kasturba, Madhya Pradesh. Her father’s name is Jayanta Deshmukh. In Bhopal, he works as an engineer with BHEL in the government-run private sector. Her mother, Sunita Deshmukh, is a pre-primary school teacher. Atharva Deshmukh, her younger brother, is still in primary school.

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: Srushti has always performed admirably in school and has been a model student. She attended Carmel Convent School and received an 8 on her class X board test and a 93.4 on her class XII board exam. She was accepted to Laxmi Narayan College of Technology, where she studied Chemical Engineering from 2014 to 2018.

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: She was affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi Technological University RGPV. Her grades demonstrated that she had been a committed student since she was a small girl. However, in addition to her love of singing, she enjoys yoga and meditation.

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: The fundamental purpose of Srushti was not to win the UPSC. Her first goal was to gain admission to an IIT institute. Srushti participated in a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities throughout high school and college. In addition to her academic efforts, she eagerly participated in debate, Scouts and Guides, and a variety of other cultural activities. She holds an NCC A qualification. While working on her engineering degree, she began studying for the UPSC examinations. She might also study engineering. If she was unable to join the IAS, she would return to engineering.

At What Age Srushti Deshmukh Become IAS

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: On March 28, 1996, Srushti Deshmukh was born. She was born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh’s Kasturba Nagar neighborhood. She is 27 years old right now. When she passed the test, she was 22 years old.

Srushti Deshmukh Husband

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: Srushti and Dr. Nagarjuna B. Gowda married after she cleared the UPSC exam. Nagarjuna is also an IAS officer. According to reports, the couple first met at the LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration) and fell in love.

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Srushti, an IAS officer from the 2019 batch, was originally assigned to the job of Assistant Collector in Dindori, Madhya Pradesh. She was then appointed to the rank of sub-divisional officer in the Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh’s Gadarwara.

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: Arjan Gowda’s full name is Dr. Nagarjuna B. Gowda. He is from a Karnataka hamlet. Nagarjuna B. Gowda was born on May 9, 1992, into a normal Karnataka household. Nagarjuna was also engaged in sports during his academic years. He also shared a photo of himself with the silver medal he won at the junior national championship on his social media account. Nagarjuna graduated from medical school in 2016. In 2018, he got the 418th rank and was named an IAS officer.

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: Arjan Gowda was able to pique the interest of the gorgeous IAS Srishti Jayant Deshmukh. Despite living in different states and being married, they were assigned to the same cadre. IAS Srishti Jayant Deshmukh shared information about their engagement. She shared an Instagram snapshot of the two of them using the same screen, made a loving note, and tagged Arjan Gowda. In that same tweet, she used the hashtag “engaged.” She revealed this in August 2021, following her engagement.

Srushti Deshmukh Cast Name

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: Her parents were Hindus. Srushti’s parents’ names are Sunita Deshmukh and Jayant Deshmukh. Sunita Deshmukh is a primary school teacher, and Jayant Deshmukh is a private firm engineer. Srushti has a younger brother in Class 11. Because of her recent marriage, information about her spouse is not available. She belongs to the Madhya Pradesh-based Deshastha Brahmin caste.

Srushti Deshmukh Posting

IAS Srushti Jayanta Deshmukh Biography: IAS Srishti and her husband are both from the same IAS batch (2019). They’re both in the Madhya Pradesh cadre. Srushti Deshmukh, who finished fifth in the 2018 UPSC, was recently assigned to the Madhya Pradesh district of Narsingpur.

She presently manages Narsingpur Distt as SDM Gadarwara. She was formerly assigned to the Dindori district. She had just completed her training, and this was her first assignment. She routinely uploads to Instagram videos of her tasks and efforts on the pitch.

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