Khatu Shyam Registration Online 2023, Ticket price, darshan booking online, time slot

Khatu Shyam Registration Online 2023: Online Registration for Khatu Shyam Darshan 2023. खाटू श्याम दर्शन कैसे बुक करें? Time Slot, Ticket Book Fees, Parsad buy online. According to the most recent information from the Temple Baba Khatu Shyam Mandir, devotees can complete the process of Khatu Shyam Darshan Booking Online 2023 for their visit.

Because the temple department has now released the Khatu Shyam Darshan Registration Process 2023, you will be able to obtain time slots that have been granted by the Shyam Mandir Committee. If you wish to visit this temple, either alone or with friends and family, read all of the details carefully.

Khatu Shyam Registration Online

Those devotees who have been anticipating the presence of Khatu Shyam Darshan Booking Online 2023. They would thereafter be able to visit the Baba Khatu Shyam Mandir in Rajasthan. Prior to this, the Shyam Mandir Committee issued a limitation order because of a corona epidemic, which was also enforced by the Indian government. The pilgrims must then wait till this time. Because temple visits are now possible by booking tickets online.

Devotees may now simply book a time slot to visit their Baba Khatu Shyam Mandir, which boasts one of the most famous dams for pilgrims who believe in Khatu Shyam. According to sources, the Khatu Shyam Temple is one of the Hindu temples found in Khatoo Village, Sikar district, Rajasthan state. Check Khatu Shyam Darshan Booking Online 2023 because you will be able to visit the temple with ease.

Khatu Shyam Registration Online 2023

Title of ArticleKhatu Shyam Darshan Booking Online 2023 Registration Process, Time & Fee
Name of TempleBaba Khatu Shyam Mandir
Handled byShyam Mandir Committee
Category of ArticleBooking Online/ Registration Process
Mode of BookingOnline
Location of TempleSikar, Rajasthan

Khatu Shyam Online Booking 2023

Furthermore, you may buy your ticket online through the Khatu Shyam Darshan Registration Process 2023. As a result, pilgrims do not need to visit the temple booking office or any other offline process. Furthermore, information has arrived that Khatu Shyam Darshan Booking Online 2023, so you may go to the official URL which has been issued by Khatu Shyam Temple Committee, and then they can purchase as many tickets as they want to book in the specified time frame.

The covid virus breaks down in our country in the year 2020. As a result, the federal government and state governments have closed all public venues and imposed limitations in locations such as marketplaces and public spaces. As we all know, India has been placed under lockdown. As a result, worshippers have been unable to get Khatu Shyam Darshan. Furthermore, the government has reopened all public locations, and the regulation has been relaxed slightly for the public. For Pilgrims, Khatu Shyam Darshan Booking Online 2023 is also accessible.

Khatu Shyam Ji Darshan Time Today

According to ancient history, believers believe that the temple house contains the head of Barbarika or Khatushyam, one of the mythical person who sacrificed his head at Krishna’s behest during the battle in Kurukshetra in Mahabharat. Check Khatu Shyam Darshan Booking Time & Fee 2023 online as well. One of the legendary people in the Mahabharata conflict is named Barbarika.

Shyam Mandir Committee established the temple Baba Khatu Shyam. Furthermore, towards the start of the Mahabharat conflict, Barbarika has one last desire for those who want to see the Mahabharat combat. During the conflict, Lord Krishna himself placed Barbarika’s head on top of a mountain, from whence he could see the entire battle. After many years in the Kaliyuga era, the head of barbrika was discovered buried in the village of Khatoo in the Sikar district, which is now situated in the state of Rajasthan.

Khatu Shyam Registration Online 2023

Khatu Shyam Ji Online Booking

Those interested in Khatu Shyam Darshan Booking Online 2023, on the other hand, may simply visit the temple. The site of Khatoo was veiled until the Kali-yuga period began. One of the oldest events occurred when milk began to flow freely out of the udders of cows as they came close to the buried region. This incident startled the local residents. They then gave over the head to the Brahmin, who worshipped for many days. Khatu Shyam Darshan Registration Process 2023 is now available online. Read through all of the steps provided by the relevant department.

Roop Singh Chauhan, the king of Khatoo at the time, had a dream in which he was inspired to build a temple in the name of Khatu Shyam Baba, where the head had to install it for the workshop. The temple was then erected, and the idol of Khatu Shyam Baba was born on the 11th day of Shukla Paksha, which is a bright half day in the month of Phalgun. We will also go through how to get tickets for Khatu Shyam Darshan Registration 2023. Following that, they must double-check the time period allotted for pilgrims’ visits to the temple.

Khatu Shyam Online Booking Link

  • Step 1: The devotee must first visit the Official Website of Khatu Shyam Darshan.
  • Step 2: By clicking on the above-mentioned URL, you will be sent to the portal’s home page. So, here, you must use the skip button.
  • Step 3: Next, look for the link to Darshan Panjikaran, which is available here. Then click the link to view it in a new tab.
  • Step 4: You must also choose the type of ticket, such as general, tatkal, or foreigner ticket. Following that, you must select a time and day for the darshan availability.
  • Step 5: Now you must enter the necessary information. Then press the submit button. When your ticket is validated, you will see one confirmation message on your screen.

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