Silent Night released date, Plot, Cast, where to watch, Trailer

Silent Night released date: Silent Night, directed by John Woo, is shaping out to be an epic action film centred around the Christmas season. For those who are looking forward to this new action film, here is all we know so far about it, including the release date, cast, trailers, and more.

Many people consider Die Hard to be a classic Christmas film. It depends on who you ask. Silent Night, on the other hand, appears to be shaping up as the newest action blockbuster in which the Christmas setting serves as a background for an epic action adventure. It’s the return of a great director to the Western limelight, and it’s John Woo’s first major picture in six years.

Silent night (2023 release date)

Those who are excited about this film should know that it will be released in cinemas on December 1, 2023.As a result, fans will only have to wait a few weeks to enjoy what is building up to be an action-packed event.

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Silent night cast

  • Joel Kinnaman, well known as Rick Flag in the Suicide Squad series, plays the protagonist in Silent Night, Godlock.
  • Silent Night’s cast is completed by the following actors:
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno as Saya
  • Kid Cudi as Vassell
  • Harold Torres as Playa
  • Vinny O’Brien as Anthony Barello Esq.
  • Yoko Hamamura as Ruiz

Silent night plot what is the movie about summary

After losing his child, Joel Kinnaman’s Godlock vows vengeance on the violent group that inadvertently killed his son during a gang fight.

This action-packed picture, on the other hand, is planned to take place during the Christmas season, with Godlock’s plan of vengeance taking place on the joyous occasion of Christmas Eve. In addition, as is customary for John Woo, the film will be mostly action-oriented. The experience apparently included virtually little conversation in favour of explosions and pandemonium.

Silent Night Trailer 2023

The film’s trailer features a Christmas theme, some terrific action, and an epic vengeance plot. Do you want to see more TV and movie hubs? Check out some of Dexerto’s other material listed below:

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