AI Voice Fraud: Victim Loses 1.4 Lakh to Scammer– Learn Ways to Ensure Your Safety

AI Voice Fraud: A 59-year-old woman experienced a devastating loss of Rs 1.4 lakh in a distressing event involving a deceptive AI-generated voice scam. The fraudster, by mimicking her nephew’s voice, orchestrated a frightening narrative that left the victim deeply shaken.

AI Voice Fraud: This unfortunate incident underscores the susceptibility of individuals to scams facilitated by technology. Explore further to delve into the details of the incident.

AI Voice Fraud

AI Voice Fraud: In Hyderabad, a woman fell victim to a clever global artificial intelligence (AI) scam, resulting in a loss of Rs 1.4 lakh. This sophisticated scheme involved AI mimicking her nephew’s voice from Canada, convincing her to send the requested amount through a narrative infused with concern and urgency.

AI Voice Fraud: This distressing incident underscores a growing trend where AI impersonates overseas relatives, exploiting the emotional bonds within families, notably in countries like Canada and Israel, for financial gain.

AI Voice Fraud: The AI effectively replicated the nephew’s speech patterns and distinctive Punjabi dialect, leading the victim to be deceived. The caller shared a fabricated story instilling fear in the woman, and prompting her to make numerous anonymous transfers to the specified account. Regrettably, Prabhjyot had already initiated several monetary transactions to the account identified by the fraudulent caller before realizing the deceptive nature of the call.

AI Voice Fraud: Prasad Patibandla, the Director of Operations at the Centre for Research on Cyber Intelligence and Digital Forensics, emphasizes the complexity of artificial intelligence voice scams. He underscores the importance of verifying the gravity of a situation before proceeding with fund transfers.

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Artificial Intelligence Scams how to stay safe

AI Voice Fraud: Authorities advise the public to stay vigilant and validate the authenticity of distress calls, especially those from relatives residing abroad. They acknowledge that scams involving artificial intelligence might not garner extensive media coverage.

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