Business Idea: Embark on a business venture with widespread household appeal, offering the potential to earn up to Rs 14.49 lakh annually

Business Idea: Many of us think of starting a business that requires little cash but generates a lot of money. As a result, we’re going to identify a clever business idea with you today that involves little beginning capital yet delivers revenue in the thousands. 

Business Idea: Cotton buds Business Or Cotton Swab

Business Idea: This is a little but highly useful tool for cleaning ear canals, removing cosmetic accidents, cleaning gadgets, cleaning craft items, and more. Despite its small size, the business of this product has the potential to bring you a lot of money. We’re talking about the cotton bud industry. Cotton buds, often known as cotton swabs, are wads of cotton wrapped around a short stem of paper or plastic.

Business Idea: Given how common cotton buds are in people’s lives, you may consider starting a company that makes them. This is a low-cap starting business that may provide you with a good income. Furthermore, the government will assist you in establishing your firm. As a result, you might fulfill your goal of earning lakhs by producing cotton swabs.

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Business Idea: According to the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) feasibility assessment, starting a Cotton Swabs Or Cotton Buds manufacturing company requires a total investment of Rs 24.92 lakh, of which you must provide Rs 2.49 lakh as your own contribution. Over a five-year period, you might earn a net profit of up to Rs 14.49 lakh in the fifth year.

Business Idea: The initial investment needed to launch a business in the production of cotton buds or cotton swabs

Business Idea: Cotton swabs are simple goods that may be created at home by hand. However, a piece of automated equipment will be required for mass manufacturing. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission has published a study on how to establish and profit from the cotton swab manufacturing company. According to the feasibility assessment, the initial expenditures to establish a cotton swab company would be Rs. 24.92 lakhs, of which Rs. 2.49 lakhs will be your own money.

Manufacturing of cotton swabs or cotton buds COST OF PROJECT: Rs 24.92 Lakhs

1000 Sq Ft Owned/Rented Building/Shed: Rs 2.50 lakh

Rs 15 lakh for plant and machinery

Rs 75,000 for furniture and fixtures

Working capital is required in the amount of Rs 6.67 lakh.

Total: 24.92 lakh rupees


Personal Contribution: Rs. 2.49 lakh

Rs 16.43 lakh Term Loan

6 lakh in working capital

Total: 24.92 lakh rupees

Business Idea: Potential earnings from a venture in the production of cotton swabs or cotton buds

Business Idea: Your profit is determined by the yearly capacity of cotton swabs as well as the quality of your items. Cotton swab manufacturers have the ability to raise your revenue by lakhs.

Business Idea: According to the KVIC feasible report providing a Five Year’s Projected Profitability Statement on Cotton Swabs Or Cotton Buds Manufacturing Business, the first year can see a net profit of Rs 2.92 lakh, the second year a net profit of Rs 5.88 lakh, the third year a net profit of Rs 8.88 lakh, the fourth year a net profit of Rs 11.70 lakh, and the fifth year a net profit of Rs 14.49 lakh.

Business Idea: As a local brand, you may negotiate a lower price for your cotton buds. To market your items, you can contact healthcare centers, medical stores, tech stores, cosmetic and cosmetics stores, and so on. You may also offer your items on internet marketplaces for further exposure.

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