IDFC Credit Card Apply Online 2024: review, features, benefits, eligibility, documents, activate, interest rate

IDFC Credit Card Apply Online: IDFC First Bank is headquartered in Mumbai and works in a variety of industries. It provides its consumers with a wide range of services. IDFC First Bank is one of the country’s most well-known credit card providers. It is well-known for its distinctive credit cards with cheap fees.

IDFC Credit Card Apply offers interest-free cash withdrawals, accident insurance, cinema ticket savings, limitless reward points that never expire, no fuel surcharge costs, and much more.

IDFC Bank’s major credit card review

Here are the four finest credit cards from IDFC First Bank, together with information on their features, advantages, and other crucial characteristics. You may compare credit cards and choose the one that appears to be the greatest fit for you:

  • IDFC First Choose Credit Card
  • Credit Card IDFC First Wealth
  • IDFC First Classic Credit Card IDFC First Millennia Credit Card

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Features of IDFC credit card pdf

IDFC FIRST Bank offers two credit card types: Lifestyle and Rewards. It possesses four credit cards. In addition to a comprehensive rewards program, these cards include benefits such as no fuel surcharges, access to training lounges, savings on cinema tickets, and discounts while dining at partner restaurants.

 IDFC Credit Card Benefits

Lower interest rates: According to IDFC FIRST Bank, their credit cards feature some of the lowest interest rates available. The interest rate starts at 0.75 percent per month, or 9 percent per year, and may go up to 3.99 percent per month, which is lower than the interest rate on many other bank credit cards.

Welcome benefits: If you acquire an IDFC FIRST Bank credit card and spend Rs.15,000 in the first 90 days, you’ll receive a gift card as a welcome reward.

Benefits of cashback: You will receive 5% cash back on your first EMI purchase with your IDFC FIRST Bank credit card within the first 90 days of acquiring it.

IDFC Credit Card salary eligibility

Income: In order to be qualified for an IDFC FIRST Bank credit card, the applicant must be working or self-employed. When applying for a credit card, the applicant must provide documentation of his monthly income.

Minimum Age Requirement: To apply for a credit card, the applicant must be at least 18 years old. Applicants for an IDFC FIRST Bank credit card might be as young as 65 or as old as 67, depending on whether they are employed or self-employed.

Credit Score: Having a strong credit score is one of the main prerequisites for acquiring an IDFC FIRST Bank credit card, which can increase the applicant’s chances of receiving the card. You should have a credit card if you desire one.

IDFC Credit Card Documents List

  • Income Proof
  • Identity Proof

IDFC Credit Card Apply Online India

  • Step 1: Navigate to the IDFC Bank website.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the “Credit Cards” section and choose “Apply Now.”
  • Step 3: Fill out the application form online, including your name, date of birth, and cell phone number.
  • Step 4: After receiving an OTP, apply for the IDFC First Bank Credit Card of your choosing.

How to activate an IDFC Credit Card online

  • First, create a PIN for your credit card.
  • Call customer support to obtain the PIN. This will make your journey much easier.
  • Enter the number 18605001111 into your phone’s dialer.
  • Wait until the call is connected before selecting the language in which you wish to communicate.
  • Press 1 to open an IDFC First Bank Credit Card.
  • Enter the last four digits of the credit card and press the # key.
  • Wait until the card has been confirmed before entering the CVV number written on the back.
  • Create a four-digit PIN.
  • To activate your card, go to any store that has a POS machine.
  • You may use your IDFC First credit card to pay for any service you desire.
  • After inserting the card into the POS terminal and verifying the amount, enter the four-digit PIN.
  • When you successfully use your card, it will be completely activated. You will then be able to use your card wherever.

IDFC Credit Card charges

  • Free Credit Card limit Fee for Life – 0% Credit Card Interest Rate – 0.75 to 2.99% each month
  • Fees for Reward Redemption: 0 FX The markup is 3.5%. Late Payment Penalty: 15% of Total Amount Due (minimum 100, maximum 1,000)
  • Both international and domestic cash advances have a cost of 250.
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