Lok Sabha Election Dates 2024, Schedule, Predictions, Who Will Win Lok Sabha Election 2024?

Lok Sabha election 2024: It remains to be seen, though, if the BJP will follow through on its pledges in 2024. Their record during their five years in office has been uneven; while some achievements, like the creation of jobs and economic expansion, have been important, other promises, like the Population Control Bill and the Uniform Civil Code, have fallen under expectations.

The BJP is still the majority favorite to win this national election in spite of these challenges. Due to a recent poll, the majority of respondents want Modi to take over as prime minister. Other figures, such as Yogi Adityanath, Mamata Banerjee, and Rahul Gandhi, were within single digits at the same time.

Date of Lok Sabha Elections 2024

In 2024, a general election will be held in India to elect the 18th Lok Sabha. These elections are slated for April and May, with 543 seats up for grabs and the chance for the victor to create the Indian government. Panchayats, urban local councils, and state legislatures will all have elections.

The Lok Sabha is created up of 545 Members of the public, and attendees include MPs from different Indian union territories and statuses. India will have elections for the 18th session of the Lok Sabha, which is currently in session, on the Lok Sabha Election Date 2024. The duty of regulating the nation’s voting process falls on the Electoral Commission of India. June 16, 2024, is when the Indian Lok Sabha election will come to an end.

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What Will Happen in the Lok Sabha Election 2024?

Based on a poll conducted at the end of November, the Morning Consult global leader tracker found that an overwhelming 78% of Indians were happy with Modi’s work performance. What’s even more amazing is that Modi’s approval has been steady since August 2019.

By attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies on the economy, jobs, corruption, and Hindu nationalist attacks on India’s minorities, the 26-party opposition INDIA coalition seeks to topple Modi and curtail dissent.

Analysts note out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s departure from office will be an obstacle for the coalition. They cite his party’s defeat in Karnataka along with other defeats as proof that divisive Hindu-nationalist ideas do not translate into electoral victories. At the same time, surveys indicate that Modi maintains a high level of popularity and approval.

Who may win the Lok Sabha election in 2024?

The BJP, which is currently in power, is undeniably powerful. This city is home to the most influential political party, charismatic leader, and skilled advertising machine in India. After the dismal outcomes of the state elections, the opposition must regroup.

Many people think that Modi has improved India’s standing abroad and ensured that the country is now seated at the most elite tables in the world. The government of India has responded to the realization that the nation’s reputation abroad is a domestic political matter by launching a high-profile marketing campaign that lasts a whole year to honor the country’s first G20 chairmanship.

The other side is winning this one. First of all, compared to an incumbent party, it has less sway over policy. Furthermore, its critiques of the government could backfire if the public believes that they are a ploy to weaken the nation. There isn’t one leader in the INDIA bloc at the moment. The ruling alliance therefore enjoys an important benefit over it. The INDIA coalition must find a new leader quickly who can take Modi on. Failure to do so will surely result in its collapse.

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